18th Annual Young Trappers Workshop

February 4, 2023 | Hermansville, Michigan

Hermansville Community Center

Young Trappers Workshop – Saturday February 4, 2023

 Nearly 17 years ago; then District 3 President, Rick Arduin, came up with the idea of bringing together hopefully a hundred or more youngsters who might be interested in trapping. Then he proposed showing them what trapping was all about, teaching them the basics; teaching them to be safe, humane, and ethical; and encouraging them to get out into the beautiful Upper Peninsula outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer. How many youngsters got into trapping because of this highly successful, annual event? How many new trappers are now enjoying the great outdoors instead of watching TV or playing video games?  Why do many of us consider this annual event to be one of the best things District 3 Trappers have done to introduce youngsters to the joys of trapping? 

 If you have never attended one of these events, you will be amazed by the number of excited kids, the ear-to-ear smiles, and the proud look as they show off the items they have won or were given at this Young Trappers Workshop.

  • Trapping demos on various animals
  • A trapping supply dealer with items for sale
  • Lunch available for purchase so everyone can enjoy the whole day
  • A fur buyer will be buying put-up, rough-skinned fur and carcass ermine
  • Free weasel boxes for kids 11 and under
  • Free dog-proof trap for kids 12 and up
  • Colony trap building for older kids!!
  • Free drawing for kids – everyone wins!
  • Public is invited. Youngsters and Adults
  • Donations of small traps or other prizes for kids welcomed

Help us spread the word so we can get as many youngsters to this event as possible!!!! Here are links to printable Posters and Event Schedules:

Please put up Posters wherever you can and feel free to post the Posters or Event Schedules on social media.  Whatever you can do to get kids at this workshop.  THANKS