National Trappers Association Convention and Outdoor Show

July 26 – 28, 2018 | Escanaba Michigan

Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds









Live Demos


Kids Activities

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Convention Overview

Open from 8 AM — 6 PM all three days
1-Day Pass – $10
3-Day Pass – Only $20
12 & Under – Free Admission

The Nations biggest trapping & outdoor show is coming to Escanaba, Michigan! To be held at the beautiful and spacious U.P. Fairgrounds located in a small friendly town. A chance to meet and chat with some of your trapping heroes; many legendary trappers from around the U.S. will be selling their wares, giving demos, or just enjoying the show! There will be something for everyone in the family to enjoy! Many activities for the kids. We highly encourage you to bring the whole family! Many trappers and outdoor enthusiasts have never seen this much equipment, “must-have” inventions and gear all in one place! 

The National Trappers Association Convention and Outdoor Show is the largest trapping event in North America. Over the duration of the event, an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 outdoor enthusiasts from all over the US (and beyond) will decend on the small town of Escanaba. If you have never attended a national convention, you will be amazed.


There will be great trapping demos given on the hour, every hour, for three solid days! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport who is eager to obtain the knowledge, supplies and confidence to get that first season under your belt, you can bet that we will have something for everyone. While wandering around the fairgrounds chat with some of the biggest names in trapping. Many famous trappers from all over the nation attend these national conventions and even more of your “heroes” might show up in 2018 – because this one is being held in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula! You never know who you might “bump elbows with” at an NTA Convention! Would you believe Marty Meirerotto from HISTORY channel’s Mountain Men agreed to be here for a “meet and greet” — and Tom Miranda (who got his start as a trapper and transitioned into a World Renowned bow hunter) will be doing two demos for us?

Special Guest:

Marty Meierotto

TV’s History Channel Reality Show Mountain Men includes Marty Meierotto in its cast as a Survivalist and Alaska’s toughest trapper. Born in Wisconsin, Marty began his trapping career at age 8. He now lives with his wife and daughter in Two Rivers, Alaska. Marty is an expert at building with logs, so of course, up in the wilderness he has a log cabin and at home, he and his family live in a nice log home –  both built with his own hands.

Along with his role on Mountain Men, Marty works as a smoke jumper for the Alaska Fire Service in the summer and in the winter he traps in some of the most remote areas in the state. Marty claims to have never seen another human being there who was not accompanied in by him. He is an expert trapper who can successfully harvest any furbearer his state has to offer. He spends extended periods of time out on his trapline in the frozen Alaskan mountains at least 200 miles from the nearest civilization, thus the need to be a survivalist!  Marty does run his line with a snowmobile but even that can be risky in  Alaska’s unforgiving environment. Being prepared is his motto and he is meticulous with all of his equipment and plans, as failures or mistakes could be deadly.

Marty drove with his brother to Alaska in 1985 with the plan being “to live in the woods” and he continues to do just that.   He is a tough, strong man who looks the part of an Alaskan Trapper not only on the show but in real life as well. Along with his TV fame, he was featured on the cover and in a 12 page article in a recent Field and Stream magazine. Marty’s friend, Al Dubord, (also an Alaskan trapper) was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and also moved to Alaska years ago. Al’s take on Marty? –  Marty is the real deal”! Marty is an upbeat individual with a quick wit. He is also a “down to earth” man who doesn’t like to brag or call a lot of attention to himself.

Dinner with Marty Meierotto

Tuesday, July 24th | Miracle of Life Building
  • Tickets: $50 each
  • Doors open at 4pm | Dinner 5-8pm
  • Buffet Dinner Catered by Soderman’s
    (highly respected and sought-after caterers)
  • Door Prizes, Raffle Prizes
    Guns, Knives, Tanned Marten Hides from Marty, etc.
  • Limited availability (150 tickets)

To RSVP call Roy Dahlgren at (906) 399-1960

The dinner is two days before the convention starts so be sure to arrive early!

Demonstrator and Special Guest:

Tom Miranda

Friday @ 4:00 p.m. |  Make Your Own Luck

Saturday @ 1:00 p.m. |  How Trapping made me a better Bowhunter

From humble beginnings as a school boy trapper, Tom Miranda has taken his love of the outdoors and turned it into the career of a lifetime.

Running trap lines near his home town of suburban Columbus, Ohio… Tom learned the ways of the wilds. Catching muskrats, mink and raccoon…Tom learned to love nature in these early years, to respect and cherish it.

After high school, when many graduates went off to college, Tom was off to the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula……. to build his own log cabin and launch his professional trapping career. Questioning parents and confused friends didn’t understand, but Tom knew that his life pursuit was found along the streams and in the wild places.

Several years later, Tom found himself in South Dakota, working as a government trapper and hunter, mastering the art of trapping and honing his skills. In the mid 1980’s Miranda gained notoriety as a professional trapper who offered 15 trapping and over 40 hunting lessons on VHS video. He has also authored 7 books. Miranda used his small airplane to operate his Dakota trapline, a novelty that made his video instructions popular.

In 1992, Tom became the Adventurous Saturday morning bowhunter on ESPN. The “Outdoor Adventure Magazine” TV series took Tom around the globe on exciting expeditions, and his viewers followed. Hunting whitetails one week, ducks the next…

An accomplished bowhunter, Miranda has taken sixty plus whitetails on video and the Super Slam® North American Big Game animals with archery tackle. If it’s big game bowhunting… Miranda likely has done it. Miranda spent 20 seasons on ESPN… and currently his series “Territories Wild” airs on Outdoor Channel.

In 2011 when Miranda completed his 13-year quest to capture the archery Super Slam on video, SCI Record Book officials contacted Tom about his hunting accomplishments. With over 20 years of producing TV bow hunts, Miranda had been scouring the globe bowhunting big game and SCI knew it. A list of species was generated and with some quick fact checking, Safari Club determined that Miranda was very close to accomplishing the World Hunting Award. After some discussion and planning, Miranda had his mounts scored, entered them to SCI and set out to fill the specie gaps in his bowhunting collection.

In the last five years, Miranda has went full draw on over 50 big game animals on five continents to complete and receive his World Hunting Award ring. SCI’s World Hunting Award is a prestigious milestone, especially for bowhunters. To date only five archers have qualified: Archie Nesbitt, Gary Bogner, Byron Saddler and Ricardo Longoria and Tom Miranda.

Unique to Miranda is the fact that Tom has captured all of his bow hunts on video, complete with the arrow impacts. A feat that attests to Miranda’s dedication to his craft as a television producer, host and bowhunter.


Today’s youth are the future of all the outdoor activities we love and enjoy, so we are planning many activities for the youngsters.

Growing U.P. Foresters Display

Youngsters can learn about trees, paper making, sustainable forestry, etc. At our fair thousands of kids go through every day and this exhibit has won State and National recognition for its unique educational setting. 

DNR Pocket Park

The DNR Pocket Park offers kids the opportunity to try their luck at fishing, go for a bullseye at one of the shooting ranges (archery & pellet guns), or just sit a spell under a shady tree or by a waterfall.

Trap Setting Contests

Trap setting contests are a big hit with yougsters and you will be amazed at how fast some of them can set a series of different traps.  Different age classes will be participating and there will even be a plaque for the youngest trap-setter.  All winners will recieve plaques and will get their pictures taken with the president of the National Trappers Association


The 2018 NTA convention will host hundreds of INSIDE vendors. Once outside, there will be tailgaters stretched almost as far as the eye can see. Nearly every well-known trapping supply dealer in the country will be at the convention. Many of these top-notch vendors will be offering special “Convention Pricing”. This will be your chance to stock up on needed supplies without having to pay shipping and handling, and picking up a trick or two from these trapping greats is totally FREE!


There will be vendors with canoes, snowshoes, predator calling supplies, outdoor clothing, waders, crafts, antiques, etc.

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A Vacation Paradise

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an outdoor vacation paradise with attractions for the whole family.

• 1700 Miles of Shoreline on three of the Great Lakes!

• Approximately 15 miles of beautiful Sandstone Cliffs rising 50 – 100 feet above Lake Superior in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore!

• 324 Waterfalls!

• Hundreds of abandoned underground copper, iron, and gold mines!

• Fishing and hunting paradise!

• Ninety percent of the U.P. consists of forests.

• Two National Forests, several State Forests, many State Parks, and hundreds of Inland Lakes with free or low cost access.

U.P. Steam & Gas Engine Antique Village

As part of its ongoing resolve to preserve our American heritage, the U.P. Steam and Gas Engine Association, with the support of the U.P. State Fair Authority, has developed Antique Village.

Evoking the feel of a by-gone era, Antique Village offers visitors an interactive learning experience.  Local artisans demonstrate traditional handicrafts such as glass blowing, knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting, pottery, and woodcarving.  Many of these goods are available to purchase.

The Village also features a blacksmith shop, granary, barber shop, general store, cook shack and ice cream parlor.

Exhibits include a steam-powered sawmill, railroad depot, schoolhouse and an 80-ton Fairbanks diesel engine.

In all, there are almost two full acres of shops and displays.

Shops & Displays

Blacksmith Shop

An authentic working recreation circa 1920.  The smith specializes in hand-forged knives.

General Store

Named after I Stephenson & Co, a large sawmill operation in the 1800s, the General Store offers baked goods, penny candy, hats, teapots, and much more.

School House

A faithful reproduction of a circa 1905 classroom created with antique pieces from an area school.

Fiber Boutique and Candle Shop

Hand-spun and dyed yarns, knit and felted items, and handmade soaps and candles.


Offering whole grain baked goods. You can also take home a pound or two of freshly ground cornmeal.

Railroad Depot

Explore the history of railroads in the U.P. The Upper Michigan Central Model Railroad Club also demonstrates the many diverse aspects of model railroading.

Rock Shop

Learn about minerals and watch rock drill demonstrations.

Telegraph Office

Explore the history of communication from 1800s telegraph equipment to modern ham radio.

The Wooly Sock

Beautiful hand-crafted yarns, hats scarves and soap.

Agricultural Museum

The Museum houses an eclectic collection of antique equipment and artifacts. We believe that these items are as much a part of America’s history as the hardy men and women who used them in forging this great nation.