Special Offer for Trappers Joining District 5

It’s a great time to become a member of what may soon become the fastest growing district of the U.P. Trappers Association!  Their new president (Jeremy Laakso) is young, motivated, and knows how important it is to have a strong local trapping organization to fight for all that trappers are slowly losing.  The Anti’s are trying to close all public land to trapping, outlaw traps, outlaw trapping, use the endangered species act to restrict or shut down trapping, use ballot initiatives, use the courts, and use untruths to shut us down.

Wait till you see what Jeremy has negotiated for NEW members to District 5!

Additional trapping magazines will be available to all District 5 members at big discounts from the regular price (new and renewal).  And new members will get a one-time offer of approximately $36 of free gifts for their $15 membership fee!  Do the math!  Looks like you will be MAKING $11 by becoming a member!  Even those of us who trap beaver and are known for not being very bright (Low prices, carrying very heavy critters, lots of extra hours in the fur shed) can figure out that this is a good deal!

Please print out the special District 5 membership form found below and start saving substantial money on additional trapping magazine subscriptions – and if you currently don’t belong to District 5, join today and get your free gifts coming your way, so you can use them to improve your catch!!!!

District 5 Enrollment Form