We would like to welcome you to the Upper Peninsula Trappers Association and would hope that you decide to join us, today. We are a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization and provide the voice working for the rights of all U.P. trappers, the furthering education of trappers (including sustainability, ethics, and humane methods) and we strive to educate the general public on the many benefits of trapping for everyone — including non-trappers.

We are working for you in many direct and subtle ways: This website is here for you. The conventions are put on so you can save money and become a better trapper. We get you a very special price on the magazines, Trapper and Predator Caller and Trappers Post. We sponsor Fair booths and other events to educate the general public on the reasons for and the benefits of trapping. In addition we are working with the State of Michigan offering a Trappers Education Program that helps put new, excited and ethical trappers out in the woods, so they can continue our love for trapping and the great outdoors! And if you have never attended the Midwinter Workshop put on by district 3 (every year since 2005) check it out. This program alone has introduced hundreds and hundreds of youngsters to the joys of trapping.

And what about the fact that this Association (in 2014) brought you the biggest and best NTA convention ever — right here to the Upper Peninsula — for your entertainment and enjoyment?? Then in 2018 we hosted another blow-out NTA Convention in Escanaba!  These shows were so successful that the NTA is now encouraging us to bid on additional NTA Conventions with regularity. To do that we need you and others to join our organization and participate in our success. We need more trappers to step up and become leaders, officers and dedicated volunteers. It takes hundreds of motivated helpers and several key leaders to put on a national convention!

To begin your UPTA membership, please print out a form and send it along with a check to the appropriate district contact person.

Thanks in advance for joining this great organization! (If you live in Chippewa, Mackinaw, or Luce counties — you may want to join Northern Great Lakes Fur Harvesters, so you can be attend more-local meetings. Their membership form can be found right below ours.) Or you can support BOTH of these great organizations!!!! Or all or any one of the UPTA districts!