Because I am your NTA Director, the National Trappers Association has recently made me aware of a lawsuit filed by Wild Earth Guardians that can affect trappers in nearly every state but Hawaii — and maybe in every state — because I don’t know all the critters listed on Appendix II!!!!

So far the NTA is fighting this fight without help from any other sportsman’s groups and they need all the help they can get.  Hopefully every trapping association in the country can find a way to contribute to this cause.  And despite the low fur prices, hopefully some individual trappers can send them a few bucks.  Maybe even some non-trappers who realize the ANTI’s are using the Endangered Species List for everything but protecting animals that are really endangered!  Please send donations to:

National Trappers Association
2815 Washington Ave
Bedford, IN  47421
1-866-680-8727( TRAP)

Please make checks payable to “NTA”, specifying that the check is for the “Cities Lawsuit.”

Here is what Chris McAllister, President of the National Trappers Association has to say on this lawsuit:

Chris McAllister
President, NTA

June 2016 BOD Report

An update on the case filed in Montana District Court by WildEarth Guardians against USFWS seeking to require USFWS to complete a NEPA environmental review before allowing the export of bobcat, wolf, otter and brown bear, or any other Appendix II species.

NTA legal counsel has prepared the necessary motions and plans to file for intervention this week.

We have received calls from legal counsel representing various state DNR’s.  These attorneys agree that this suit represents a serious threat to the states and is far more reaching than just the few furbearer species listed in the complaint. We are hopeful that a group of state DNR’s will intervene alongside us.

I have taken calls from several state directors and affiliate presidents. At this time, we are asking affiliates to contact your DNR to insure they are aware of the suit. Feel free to forward them the link below. If they would like to have their attorneys visit with NTA legal counsel, we can arrange that. Simply give them my contact information. 

Several states associations have already committed to help fund this fight. I would hope every affiliate officer and director reading this will recognize the threat this case represents to the trappers in your state and likewise commit to this effort.

Based on the calls I’ve received, there seems to be some confusion about this suit. To clarify… This is not a harvest issue. It’s not about population levels. It’s not about the biological justification to harvest these species.  It’s strictly a legal question. It’s challenging the USFWS decision to categorically exclude the CITES export program for Appendix II species from NEPA review. If the plaintiff would prevail an environmental review will be required on each species, in each state that wishes to export an Appendix II furbearer. During this environmental review is when all the biological and scientific question would be addressed. These reviews are extremely time consuming and expensive, they go far beyond simply determining if the population can sustain the harvest. 

I’ve been asked if other national groups are joining with the NTA to fight this suit. I can’t speak to what other groups intentions are. The sole reason NTA intervenes in these cases is to insure that trappers interest and concerns are properly represented and protected.  The USFWS will argue their interest and perspective. Other large national groups may intervene and protect their interest. I will say flat out, and I make no apology for it…  I don’t trust ANY other organization or alliance to protect trapping interest. They may have good intention, but they also have the interest of a membership containing many user groups to consider. Groups with far more people, money and influence than trappers. Are you willing for trappers to be used as a sacrament to protect the larger special interest? I’m certainly not.