A Huge thanks goes out to John Chagnon of Lenon Lures and PCS Outdoors for extending the free gift offer for another year. In July of 2016, John offered free gifts to all First Time UP Trappers Association District Members.  John has done this out of generosity for the Trapping community as a whole.  Please be sure to check out the following websites for all of your trapping needs.  Also, let John know by phone, email or snail mail, how much we appreciate his generosity.

Lenon Lures at:  www.lenonlures.com

PCS Outdoors at:  www.pcsoutdoors.com

IF this is the FIRST TIME you are joining District 5, PCSOutdoors.com would like give you a free
gift. 1 ounce of any Lenon’s Lures, See www.lenonlures.com for lure choices, and one of three
DVD’s. John Chagnon Canine Trapping, John Chagnon Water Trapping or John Chagnon Fur
Handling. Be sure to include your choice on the District 5 Enrollment Form. This is a Free Gift of approximately $36. Please hurry, this offer expires July 2018.