I do not believe it is in our best interest to let the Feds put the populations of moose in four states on the Endangered Species List.  I further believe that the only reason for the 25% drop in the moose population in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the last two years is due primarily to our large population of wolves and our dwindling white-tail deer population.  Two harsh winters have left few whitetail deer in many areas for the wolves to eat, so they have turned to eating vulnerable moose calves.  DNR surveys show that most of the population drop for moose has been in new-born calves.  What does this tell you?

The recommendation for listing the moose in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota was made by two Anti groups who evidently want the moose listed so they can provide more food for the wolves?  If they really wanted to protect our moose populations they would be advocating for the delisting and proper management of wolves in these states!  But they also want the wolf listed in perpetuity, regardless of the population density.  Our wolves are definitely not ENDANGERED!  In fact all parties agreed that when our wolf population stabilized at 200 they could be delisted – now they are approaching 700 and the Antis still want more wolves!

Listing this population of moose on the Endangered Species list will probably bring land-use restrictions and may affect logging, hunting, fishing and trapping and will do nothing to protect the moose!  And remember our Upper Peninsula moose were brought into Michigan from Canada and have done very well under the management of the Michigan DNR – up until their hands were tied by the re-listing of the wolves by the Feds – brought on by these same and similar ANTI groups!

You can do your part by letting your feelings on this subject be known.  Here is the link to where you can let the Feds know that you are NOT in favor of putting moose on the endangered species list:


Make sure you type in your comments soon!  The deadline is August 2!  With your help we can make a difference!!!!

Thank you,

Bob Steinmetz, NTA Director
U.P. Trappers Association