Besides viewing the informative You Tube video below,  I feel that every hunter, fisherman, and trapper should read Mr. Lyon’s  well-researched, well-documented book on wolves and their introduction into Yellowstone Park – and they should pass on the link to the You Tube video to everyone they know!  Mr. Lyon’s book is entitled “The Real Wolf.”   Besides content from the co-authors, The Real Wolf” also contains contributions from 11 other scientists and doctors!!  The book can be purchased from various sources including Farcountry Press, Helena, MT  800-821-3874, single copy $21.00.

Ted B. Lyon was named the “Conservationist Legislator of the Year” in 1985 by the Texas Outdoor Writers Association and was listed among the top 100 Trial Lawyers in America from 2007 through 2013 by the American Trial Lawyers Association.  He is an extremely smart man, a conservationist, and a hunter who cares about the future of our ungulate herds and the future of agriculture in this country.  Here is the link  to Mr. Lyon’s thought-provoking speech introducing his book “The Real Wolf” to an interested group in California.  I hope you enjoy it:

U.P. Whitetails Association Inc. has put the book in both the Gladstone and Escanaba Public Libraries because of the book’s ability to educate everyone on what is really happening with the science, politics, and economics of co-existing with wolves in modern times.   And here is why Alan Ettenhofer of U.P. Whitetails is pushing this extremely informative book and where he stands on wolf management: “My personal feeling is that the anti-hunting organizations are making millions of dollars pulling the wool over the general public’s eyes using the wolf as their poster child while doing all the dirty work off that poster.  Destroying wildlife populations so that the wildlife population numbers could be reduced to numbers that will put them on the “Endangered Species List” with no hunting allowed.  Please educate yourself as to what is really going on.”